You Just Don’t!! Fuck With The $

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Ms. Tequila



I needed somebody that I could trust, and she has above and beyond surprised my expectations and this lady definitely knows how to run a business.

Of course it comes with Benefits stupid ass she’llย  work those out later with us.


get out and have a nice day. ๐Ÿ™‚



this is where is Slytherin is flawed from the start.

Snake venom and Scorpion poison Karma, yes they can by some miracle help you become stronger and help you to heal from an injury kind of like bee stings. Problem is it doesn’t work the same if you ingest it like food, they didn’t have our medical technology back then that we do today. So this I believe non mythical and very very horrific and very scary person that came out here the middle the middle of nowhere were not even Indians wanted to live, was very very sickly from drinking snake venom and scorpion poison and came out here and started in trancing people with ceremonies of rape and incest. I believe that’s where your Bible and religions over in Europe began from. Unfortunately


Fortunately for me though, I’m not religious ๐Ÿ™‚ sorry

please correct me if I’m wrong

The Book of Eli


This movie is either questioning or hypothesizing, the same thing as the mountain man and it is that in reverse the movie is either asking or hypothesizing or theorizing that during Roman times your Bible came from this area, from a guy that was trying to save the last spoken word of Slytherin, a hypnotic type and very horrific history of Trance rape and incest.


In other words the person that these characters in these movies are talking about is white or I should say was white.

The dog boys of Larimer County,

Jimmy Joe Montgomery and Josh Miller.

They were raised by actual dogs at the Roos Zoo at the beginning of their life, not coyotes.


So sue me bitches. ๐Ÿ™‚