Say what u need to say 😊

I’ve always said, there’s something very unique about Greeley Colorado, and Fort Collins Colorado for that matter of fact.

They have a very unique flavor to them, in the fact that they have quite a few large companies and celebrities for that fact that just don’t advertise 🙂 shell companies.






Here I was trying to be nice and witty, maybe didn’t catch it.

When I was at my lowest point a year or two ago, I texted you on the brink of committing suicide because my legs were hurting so bad.

When I texted you, just asking for a kind word, you said you couldn’t help me.


I was hoping to give you another chance, you said you would give me a call this afternoon business is business, please let me know if I was wrong in hoping to give you another chance.

That really hurt,                     it really really hurt.


 Also do you happen to remember the angel that showed at my door full of fish soup at the ready only to disappear again, two Christmases. Where was that angel when I actually needed her? And last thing, when I called you, you said I wish you would have called me first, remember, I did this time?


I’ll put it this way, they used you to hurt me, the churches did.

Because, that’s exactly what happened with The Suicide Hotline in Fort Collins Colorado , then when I called two weeks later , they had no idea who I was  Karma  so  I put the serrated steak Knife 8-inch through my neck 6 times , when that didn’t work I called nine-one-one .  That was before I came to Greeley Colorado. 2002.

Spine Broken 10~02~2001

21 after 911





Me, well, my mom is a psychotic bitch that hit her head on a rock getting bucked off a horse and was a horror over here in Greeley and also enjoys snakepit sex, or swingers clubs.

My dad, he gave up a long time ago, probably wishes I was never born either although he has Alzheimer’s now so he’ll never ever remember me anyways.

I have one question though, Dennis and Deb as you would never let me call you anything else, if I was such a mistake why didn’t you just tell me that to my face.

Anyways, I’m alive and I denounce all of you. 🙂 have a wonderful day fucking freaks.


Bianca is the one that you got you raped by Frankie’s younger brother.


She never liked you Jill and she set you up to get raped by Frankie’s younger brother, Jerry Mapes knew.


Sorry I have to be the one to tell you that.





Prove God then, because I call bullshit

I can prove that Mother Earth exists, I can prove that mother nature exists, you cannot prove that God exists, so I call bullshit.


Your little Sonic disruptor guns that you’re playing with, those are weapons for one, for two those are not from Mother Nature, those are man-made.

That is not God. You’re idiots.









Your sister is Hillary Clinton or was wasn’t she.

Billy Brennan

Billy Brennan your sister AnLeah, was already a whore when I fucked her in Middle School. You could tell by the clothes she wore.


oh yeah Jeremy Elerman, your sister was a horror when I fucked her as well, I didn’t fuck her on the first date she proved it later though. I’d say 5 years said maybe past since I took her on the first date, and then Joey bang the shit out of Brandy in my room, her and I waited your sister, until they were finished and then we fucked, she proved she was a hore 🙂