Mixed Up The Address



Now we understand why the landlord is allowing the neighbor just to the south of me to continually harass me , Dwight prepare for a crucifixion of you being crucified. There was a lot of illegal money in that deal wasn’t there, at your church. Baptist which you both go to.



not all of us wear pretty little uniforms b****



By the way I took this piece of s*** down, and It Wasn’t Even Worth Melting the badge down Into A Ring.


He is the precise definition of white caller trash.


— Yes That’s What You Do With Them, You Toss Them Out On There ARSS and Don’t Look Back.

Worthless PERIOD


I believe this was just all a big mix-up , they were looking for the guy which is my neighbor that I believe has been sending me death threats and yep in that video . These are actually some of my very professional and respected friends , but due to the death threats and harassment that I was getting , I was getting very scared , so when they arrived at my door after the neighbor and yes I know his name and that he reported it because you have to know the person that is charging you with a crime . So, when they arrived at my door it scared me and I was not listening to them until this day when they arrested me . I spent a night in jail and got very very very sick from it , but I’m not bitching because it was my mistake that I didn’t recognize some of my really good friends due to me being scared of death threats on social media and email . So I own my mistake , what do I do about all these death threats from Neighbors?

Thank you to the Greeley Police Department for being nice with me and my persons with a disability condition .

Also, people you need to look at this f****** picture and yeah I took the other s*** down when I realized the mix-up that had happened yesterday, I mean the day before .

What I see here is them showing me everything is safe, and yes they mean business.

– What the f*** is your problem dude.

, in other words ,

But, what I also see that nobody got killed that day, because cooler heads will prevail .

And, in honor of Billy the Kid and the Greeley Colorado Police Department.

Smile I’ll make you famous 😎


Thanks for the initiation into the club 😉