Docket number 2514, The Submarine House.


Greeley Colorado


2000 leagues Under the Sea, is your Sonic sonar from outer space. Not sure if it is danger Will Robinson or not.

Ray Charles is a forethought, as a resume I preside. I f***** Thai

Camping Food

Anyone, Up 2 Learning Fried IcedCream?



What, I put the whole fucking can in there 🙂


It’s a nacho cheese and hash jambalaya type thing , I don’t know it tasted good separate 🙂


Bathroom humor with Rick Grimes Ace bitch, sitting in the corner next to the liquor store on the outside Jay and Silent Bob please don’t look you don’t even want to know this, acting like a bum maybe not acting I might own Ace Hardware, take it away Mister veterinarian Jay and Silent Bob. Don’t break a leg man that shit hurt


Euphoria for all, because if you’re alone and alone by yourself exploring should not make you feel guilty about yourself or even exploring one’s self.




Som Spyder Designs 😎😘

Excuse me, Scooby Snacks – at least you didn’t go splat.

When you’re cutting that pipe, what you’re feeling on your back, is probably transferring through the board as well, this hopefully may give you a little bit more control and a little bit more waggle room, Scooby Snack so you don’t go splat 🙂


Som Spyder 😎

PS, brought you crew, buy Google Chrome I think for good this time, hey Cortana OK Google 🙂


Oh,O , , O , O UH ooooooooooo

 Congratulations you found your pussy, would you like some more help and a cuddle 🙂


 Look it’s always been pretty easy for me to understand from a very early age when my I got partially blinded by a BB gun, I went from a handsome young man to a freak to almost the entire human population in an instant.

So I became good at fighting, not competition, but fighting for my morality of why do you hate me so much now and instantly when I was a kid.

I know I already look like a freak to you, I’ve always known that. I also know when I walk in the room almost instantly who considers me a freak who doesn’t, it’s pretty easy.


So in closing, there’s not a lot of ladies that r worth a damn to me.                                            Sorry, I see your soul long before you even know I’m in the same room as u.


Som Spyder 😎

sSohat’s a good question

A presbyterian lady, and a xctholic priest were fucking….


Look, you fucking assholes, it had nothing to do with The Rock even they said that, it had to do with Humanity being a piece of shit. That was the moral of the movie. She lived her life In solitude very very quiet for a piece of shit rock that wasn’t worth a goddamn thing in the end, yet she had made a life out of it, unlike my mom which is funny as hell, fucking Russian crack baby implant oops :-). Colman

  I think mongooses eat scorpions right from birth basically, I think you can make an anti-venom scorpion Anti-Venom from their saliva, don’t you dare touch their blood don’t you dare.

I think you can make an anti venom from a mongooses saliva.


Som Spyder😊



The very basis of my job, is to remove the social light speed bumps that are creating residue out of your disgusting asses, in other words removing socialists speed bumps is my job and it’s a heavy 1 2.


please, do not please, do not ask to play with my balls. Because, we will hand you yours in return 🙂 have a nice day. We hate Nazis.



Cartoons @ !!!!!!!



 Dazed and Dazed and Confused in Boyhood with a little nippy on the side love Rachel.

😎Som Spyder 🤠

sorry about Christmas

find one of find one of your old ctholic Bibles one of The Originals with the real stories that you could read cover-to-cover and it be a book an actual book, remove David and Goliath from that book that you’re reading cut it out doesn’t fucking matter that was Roman with scorpion tail. Then, begin reading that book that’s in your hands not at church there’s a huge Pitfall there, start reading that book without the story of David and Goliath and Watch What Happens, because it only takes one stick from a scorpion tail to ruin 4 months of your life. 🙂

Hell I don’t know, Smoke a joint with the chapter amongst a whole bunch of people.

I don’t give a shit even they said that, you let a Revenge Quest of the original Presbyterians after their reRise from World War II, last a 1 75 years?.

Even the brothers were like holy shit these people really are gullible.

when they did a rogue Theory off the wall about Christianity being based on a costume party, I thought they were fucking kidding too, shit sorry 🙁

Shit, ready, watch this, because of today’s technology, the last two brothers at the same time I said and I quote because nobody heard that but them and it is in that piece of shit blasphemy of the original religions because they hated Presbyterians because of the child molestation Behavior and their sexual parties with the scorpion venom, both said quote, shit, Ozzy Osbourne has it and had it right, you party with your family and tour with your family.


None of those Brothers families from the very start, were religious, that was their seeding Factory, once they’d made it into the churches, yes, the seeding was already done for them or you could say the seating was already done for them because their book was being published world wide already.

Please do not say those names ever again 🙂


Som Spyder 😎

Ps.  you ever heard of Muslims having to make their Quest once in their lifetime, guess what Sarita from GCI slipped up and said she was making her Quest here from her Homeland across the pond when I was on the board of Greeley Center for Independence several years ago.


The brothers & their past family are laughing at you right now in their graves rolling over because they got everything they wanted, they even got to travel the world over and over and over on your dime, Catholicism, it’s this easy, remove the blood and Body of Christ next Sunday seriously LMN Ma f ayo.😎


Yeah man fix yourselves which takes about a year for two-legged individuals 2 for a person in a wheelchair, depending on weight of course and activity of course fix yourselves and then worry about what the rest of the world’s going to do 🙂 about 4 months to get out of the trenches for you, I’m already done with that unless you let somebody eat in venom ate me again, unfortunately, distribution?